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Press Release Submission

What is a Press Release?

The Technical definition for a Press Release is that any information which got shared with media or media reporters is Press Release. But as we are in living in the digital age, and everything got shared over online media thus according to present scenario – “A Press Release or Press Release Submission is the submission of any new event or happening of business over the PR sites.”

There are many good press releases sites are there which are available for free and paid as well on the internet which you can use to promote your business. The sites include:-

  1. 24-7 pressrelease (Free)
  2. ClickPress (Free)
  3. 1888PressRelease (Free)
  4. PRNewsWire (Paid)
  5. PRWeb (Paid)
  6. BusinessWire  (Paid)

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Benefits of Press Release Submission in SEO

On that note, now when we are well aware of what a Press Release means let us head towards the importance and benefits of press release marketing.

Top 100+ High DA Free Dofollow Press Release Submission Sites List 2019

www.prnewswire.com 92 Dofollow
classifiedads.world 92 Dofollow
www.businesswire.com 92 Dofollow
www.calameo.com 91 Dofollow
www.prlog.org 88 Dofollow
www.newsvine.com 86 Dofollow
www.newswire.ca 83 Dofollow
www.mediapost.com 81 Dofollow
www.tmcnet.com 80 Dofollow
www.thomasnet.com 79 Dofollow
www.news.thomasnet.com 79 Dofollow
www.newssides.compress_release 76 Dofollow
www.pr.com 75 Dofollow
www.amazines.com 70 Dofollow
www.free-press-release.com 70 Dofollow
www.pr-inside.com 69 Dofollow
www.lacartes.com 69 Dofollow
www.clickpress.comreleases 68 Dofollow
www.openpr.com 66 Dofollow
www.prsync.com 66 Dofollow
www.absolutearts.com 66 Dofollow
www.secure.prleap.com 66 Dofollow
www.emailwire.com 66 Dofollow
www.briefingwire.com 65 Dofollow
www.merinews.com 65 Dofollow
www.wesrch.com 64 Dofollow
www.techprspider.comAddFeed.aspx 63 Dofollow
www.myprgenie.com 62 Dofollow
www.freeprnow.com 62 Dofollow
www.pressbox.co.uk 62 Dofollow
www.1888pressrelease.com 61 Dofollow
www.directionsmag.com 60 Dofollow
www.pressreleasepoint.com 60 Dofollow
www.forpressrelease.com 59 Dofollow
www.scoopasia.com 58 Dofollow
www.aspendailynews.com 58 Dofollow
www.daily-chronicle.com 58 Dofollow
www.newswiretoday.com 58 Dofollow
www.transworldnews.com 58 Dofollow
www.lxer.com 57 Dofollow
www.pressreleaseping.com 57 Dofollow
www.nanotech-now.com 57 Dofollow
www.ereleases.com 57 Dofollow
www.https:www.onlineprnews.com 57 Dofollow
www.pressreleases.kcstar.com 56 Dofollow
www.webnewswire.com 56 Dofollow
www.keysnews.com 55 Dofollow
www.sulia.com 55 Dofollow
www.indiaprwire.com 55 Dofollow
www.pressking.com 54 Dofollow
www.bizpr.ca 54 Dofollow
www.theopenpress.com 54 Dofollow
www.free-press-release-center.info 54 Dofollow
www.bignews.biz 53 Dofollow
www.prhwy.com 53 Dofollow
www.businessportal24.com 52 Dofollow
www.artikel-presse.de 52 Dofollow
www.softarea51.com 51 Dofollow
www.clioawards.com 51 Dofollow
www.dbusiness.com 51 Dofollow
www.prurgent.com 51 Dofollow
www.bizeurope.com 50 Dofollow
www.marketpressrelease.com 50 Dofollow
www.xpatloop.com 49 Dofollow
www.przoom.com 49 Dofollow
www.localxxl.com 49 Dofollow
www.news-antique.com 48 Dofollow
www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com 48 Dofollow
www.groupweb.com 48 Dofollow
www.listfree.org 47 Dofollow
www.adsrack.com 47 Dofollow
www.articlecirculation.com 47 Dofollow
www.elecdir.com 46 Dofollow
www.submitpressrelease123.com 46 Dofollow
www.newdesignworld.com 46 Dofollow
www.webknowhow.net 45 Dofollow
www.freepressrelease.com 45 Dofollow
www.pressexposure.com 45 Dofollow
www.realtimepressrelease.com 44 Dofollow
www.socialmediaportal.com 44 Dofollow
www.prfire.co.uk 44 Dofollow
www.ukprwire.com 44 Dofollow
www.uknewsx.com 44 Dofollow
www.prbd.net 44 Dofollow
www.slashgeo.org 43 Dofollow
www.prfree.com 43 Dofollow
www.PR9.net 43 Dofollow
www.pr4links.com 43 Dofollow
www.mechdir.com 43 Dofollow
www.pressabout.com 43 Dofollow
www.travpr.com 42 Dofollow
www.sanepr.com 42 Dofollow
www.mediasyndicate.com 42 Dofollow
www.xpresspress.com 41 Dofollow
www.enewswire.co.uk 40 Dofollow
www.usprwire.com 40 Dofollow
www.localnews.biz 39 Dofollow
www.prwindow.com 39 Dofollow
www.newsbox.com 38 Dofollow
www.audiodirectory.nl 38 Dofollow
www.easy-pressrelease.com 38 Dofollow
www.https:www.newswire.com 38 Dofollow
www.sardnews.org 37 Dofollow
www.prnewsdistribution.co.uk 36 Dofollow
www.powerhomebiz.net 28 Dofollow
www.biblioscribe.com 24 Dofollow

Five benefits of press release

  1. Instant exposure: press releases give your prospects a new reason to land on your website, find out more about your most recent accomplishments, and spread the word.
  2. Increased donation potential: Aside from bringing credibility and allowing you to stay in the public eye, press releases can also boost your profit margins, by highlighting the most remarkable key benefits of what you do.
  3. Opportunity to brand yourself as an expert: An excellent PR campaign will offer you the chance to brand yourself as a high-authority business owner and underline the unique attributes of your business.
  4. Increased SEO benefits: Press releases published by several media outlets will offer you valuable backlinks to your website. Moreover, by optimizing your content, you could increase its visibility online and make your articles searchable on the Internet.
  5. A relationship with journalists: Press releases enable you to create stronger ties with journalists who are looking for a good story to share with their readers, done correctly, it can be a win-win.

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